Ohio National Bike Route

Recent developments have come about a large new cycling network in the nation and even the world. This spreads through Ohio as well which will be an integral part of this new national bike route.

The Route Corridor will become one of the largest cycling routes in the nation and in the world. The route will be placed right on Ohio State Route 534. Everyone involved with the project and the community surrounding it will have some input to the process as well.

Someone involved with the proceedings said that  “Now is the time for the community to discuss how to best create a safe, enjoyable bike path that encourages physical activity and exploration of the many destinations within the Route 534 Corridor, We’re hoping to get local people’s ideas and make them part of the process.”

Funding & Regulations

There have been a lot of funding opportunities for the project available through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. One leader of the project said “If we go for grants, they’ll want to know if the public was informed and their ideas were noted. That’s why we’re inviting local teachers, school board members and government officials to get involved and come to the meeting. We need input.”

Many people are getting excited about this and putting in their input because it is going to evoke a different kind of experience for looking at these beautiful natural destinations.

There will be over 50,000 miles of routes spread out all around the country and this is going to create a lot of growth in different areas. Not only will this be excellent for people who are involved in cycling. It will also affect the local businesses grow around the area. Cycling brings in more people to local towns and will help some smaller economies of these towns flourish.

The cyclists who will be using this route are both riders who take this hobby very seriously and tourists as well. Along the way they will stop at restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile they will spend at stores and need other resources like bike repair and riding gear along the way.

The Goals

The goals for these endavouer is to get as much community involvement and input as possible. For these meetings people will be able to write comments about new bike lanes and sidewalk routes being developed and view the maps of the current plans. They will also get to hear about any potential barriers there may be in regards to setting up some of the routes.  

Organizers of the meetings will be able to answer any questions that may arise as well.  This plan will be a great new ordeal for cyclists around the Ohio area and spreading out to the rest of the country. It is good that this type of excitement is gathered for creating these types of routes because it will serve the communities and help bring cycling to the forefront for some of the issues of the state.

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