Must Have Items for Every Serious Cyclist

Cycling is a fun sport and a wonderful source of exercise and physical fitness. If cycling is something you are passionate and serious about, however, you should know that there are many accessories and items out there that can take your cycling experience to the next level. We’ll talk about a few of them here, but remember, there are many more great items out there, so always be on the lookout for things that can help make you a better cyclist and make your experience with cycling even more effective and enjoyable.

Solar Energy Taillights

First of all, you should know that if you don’t already have a taillight for your bike, you’re putting yourself at risk, especially if you cycle at night. Thus, even if you don’t get a cool solar energy taillight, you absolutely do need some type of taillight on your bike. With that said, however, solar energy taillights are the coolest because they are powered solely by the sun, and, once they’re charged can provide you with up to eight hours of powerful, bright light. This item is not only good for the environment, but it’s also super convenient.

Camera Clips

Have you ever been on a bike ride, saw something super cool, and thought, “Wow, I wish I could take a picture of that.” We’re willing to bet you have, and now you can do just that with a camera clip. These clips, which are available for all types of cameras and phones, allow you to secure your camera to your bike to capture photo or video while you’re on the go. The best models have a “quick release” feature so you can grab your camera with one quick push of a button while keeping your eyes on the road ahead where they belong.

Storage Boots

Endearingly referred to as “storage boots,” these items are little basket-like devices that can clip securely to the back of your bike and allow you to easily carry a wide range of items even when you’re on the go. Stash your water bottle, an extra taillight, your jacket, or even a picnic lunch (healthy, of course!) in one of these boots, and you’ll be ready for whatever your journey throws at you.

Bottle Bike Racks

Safety comes first when you’re cycling, so we’d never recommend drinking and cycling, but for those rare occasions when you’re heading to a party and spending the night, bottle bike racks, which clip to the side or back of your bike, are an awesome option. They’re designed to securely carry a six pack of beer, but you can use them for soda, juice, or water bottles too. In fact, you can really fit a lot of different things in the convenient, secure pockets, so it’s a fun choice even if you’re not a beer drinker.

With so many fun bike accessories available, the only hard part is knowing which one to buy yourself (or, even better yet, to request as a gift) first!

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