Fort4Fitness Adds 100K Cycling to Spring Event

For4Fitness Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, that is committed to promoting healthy living and fitness in Northeast Indiana. So how does this organization help bicycle enthusiasts in the state of Ohio? Fort4Fitness has events that take place in both the fall and spring. This year’s Spring Cycle is the biggest cycling event, and will actually run from Indiana, cross Ohio state lines to get to the mid-point in Antwerp, Ohio and return back to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is going to be a huge event, which will attract a large crowd across both states, as well as a lot of bicyclists, ready to race.


A look at Spring Cycle

The organization announced that in addition to adding a full marathon to their fall running event, they would also add a 100 kilometer race to their spring cycling event. This year’s official Spring Cycle will begin on Main Street in Downtown Fort Wayne in front of the Arts United Center. The race will take place on Saturday, May 21st and will offer different distances. There will be a 10 mile, 16, miles, 34 mile, 44 mile, and 62 mile (the 100K). The 100k Metric Century will cross the Ohio state line, stop at the designated mid-point, and return back to the Cinema Theater in Fort Wayne. Upon completion of the Spring Cycle, cyclists will be able to indulge in a post race refreshment and take part in a festive downtown atmosphere, filled with racers, family, and friends.


Why the addition of a 100K?

Fort4Fitness has always had a goal of catering to what participants want. Carrie Reeb, the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, said that they began by adding multi-race options for runners, so that participants can set new goals for each race. The addition of a multi distance cycling race offers the same thing for bicyclists. It also gives people an option to compete in both a run and bicycling race, as many health enthusiasts have a goal of completing an Ironman, which involves running, biking, and swimming.


How to sign up for the race

Registration for the Fall Festival and Spring Cycle began on January 1st and will officially close on May 18th. Up until May 2nd, adults can pay just $20 for the event, and children under 14 will pay $10. From May 2nd to May 18th, you will pay a larger fee, so it is best to sign up early. When you register online, you will pick which distance you plan to complete during the race. All who register will also receive an official t-shirt. Individuals can register online by visiting the Fort4Fitness registration page found here.


Race organizers say the addition of these two events is just the beginning of things to come. There are still things the organization is working on, but they hope to add more events in 2017. Fort Wayne isn’t a far distance to travel if you live in the Western part of Ohio. We will keep you updated on further cycling events throughout the state of Ohio.

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