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Must Have Items for Every Serious Cyclist

Cycling is a fun sport and a wonderful source of exercise and physical fitness. If cycling is something you are passionate and serious about, however, you should know that there are many accessories and items out there that can take your cycling experience to the next level. We’ll talk about a few of them here, but remember, there are many more great items out there, so always be on the lookout for things that can help make you a better cyclist and make your experience with cycling even more effective and enjoyable.

Solar Energy Taillights

First of all, you should know that if you don’t already have a taillight for your bike, you’re putting yourself at risk, especially if you cycle at night. Thus, even if you don’t get a cool solar energy taillight, you absolutely do need some type of taillight on your bike. With that said, however, solar energy taillights are the coolest because they are powered solely by the sun, and, once they’re charged can provide you with up to eight hours of powerful, bright light. This item is not only good for the environment, but it’s also super convenient.

Camera Clips

Have you ever been on a bike ride, saw something super cool, and thought, “Wow, I wish I could take a picture of that.” We’re willing to bet you have, and now you can do just that with a camera clip. These clips, which are available for all types of cameras and phones, allow you to secure your camera to your bike to capture photo or video while you’re on the go. The best models have a “quick release” feature so you can grab your camera with one quick push of a button while keeping your eyes on the road ahead where they belong.

Storage Boots

Endearingly referred to as “storage boots,” these items are little basket-like devices that can clip securely to the back of your bike and allow you to easily carry a wide range of items even when you’re on the go. Stash your water bottle, an extra taillight, your jacket, or even a picnic lunch (healthy, of course!) in one of these boots, and you’ll be ready for whatever your journey throws at you.

Bottle Bike Racks

Safety comes first when you’re cycling, so we’d never recommend drinking and cycling, but for those rare occasions when you’re heading to a party and spending the night, bottle bike racks, which clip to the side or back of your bike, are an awesome option. They’re designed to securely carry a six pack of beer, but you can use them for soda, juice, or water bottles too. In fact, you can really fit a lot of different things in the convenient, secure pockets, so it’s a fun choice even if you’re not a beer drinker.

With so many fun bike accessories available, the only hard part is knowing which one to buy yourself (or, even better yet, to request as a gift) first!

Donut Time to the Finish Line!

The Tour de Donut is a fun cycling and dining event hosted every year in Arcanum, Ohio. This cycling event challenges cyclists to eat donuts and race to the finish line. For over twenty five years now the event has evolved into an annual Arcanum tradition. This event brings cyclists, bakers, and communities together. This event takes eating donuts to the next level. Eating donuts and peddling fast are the way to win this race. It’s a family funfilled event that takes place every September.


What is the Tour de Donut?

Just like any other cyclists tour, the Tour de Donut , has the riders competing to the finish line for the fastest completion time. However, this particular race has stops at various locations where riders can if they choose to can stop and eat donuts. Each single donut consumed shaves fives minutes of the racers time. The cyclists must keep these sugary snacks down in order to gain time back. There are of course awards. Awards include the fastest time of completion of race with cycling only and as well as awards for donut eaters. Other awards are for the best adjusted donut time, the most donuts consumed in all different classes, and even costume prize winners. The timed race has a few different courses. The courses include the sixty four mile, the thirty two, and the fifteen mile mini course. At each course there are “donut stops”, for the sixty four mile there are a total of four stops. The thirty two mile course has two stops and the fifteen mile mini course has just one stop. Prior to the main races a free kids race takes place. The children’s race has gives a medal to all those who complete the race and allow the all you can eat donuts and milk award. There are around one thousand dozen donuts made each year for this event, that’s a total of twelve thousand deliciously sweet treats!The donuts are made by Ulbrick’s Hometown Bakery. Each competitor can eat a total of three donuts at the “donut stops.” Helmets are mandatory and headphones are not allowed.


Where and When does this event takes place?

This cycling event takes place in Arcanum, Ohio. Arcanum is a village of Darke County in the state of Ohio. The original Tour de Donut took place in Staunton, Illinois in 1989. The tour is now held in six different states around America including Illinois, Ohio, California, Michigan, Utah, and Texas. Starting in 1989 with only twentyfive competitors. The event now has grown to well over 1,000 competitors. The event starts annually in September following Labor Day weekend.


How to Join the fun?

To participate in the Tour de Donut you must register and can do so online. Each participant must fill out a waiver form and if under the age of eighteen a parental release form must also be signed. Registration must be done prior to the event. There is no onsite registration. Registration for the next Tour de Donut starts on January 1, 2016. This delicious event has been bring people together in Ohio since 2007. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bike ride? Adding donuts to the race just makes it the all the better.

The Health Benefits of Cycling




Exploring the beach by bike

Cycling is one of the best exercises you can possibly do. It works just about every muscle in your body and can help to burn fat. Plus, it’s downright fun! If you’ve been trying to talk yourself into cycling for awhile and just need a little encouragement, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn about the many wonderful benefits of cycling, and when you’re done, you should feel motivated enough to hop right on your bike and go!

Build Muscle

One of the very best things about cycling is how quickly and easily it can help you to gain muscle and get firm and toned. So many people think that cycling only works the legs, but that’s not true. Staying balanced atop your bike and working hard will lead to toning the abdominal muscles, the buttocks, the arms, and really, your whole body. If long, lean muscle is what you want, then cycling is definitely for you.

Easy on the Body

Because cycling is so effective at building muscle, you might think that it puts a lot of pressure and strain on your body, but, surprisingly, the opposite is true. Cycling is considered to be a low-impact workout. What that means is that it’s easy on the joints and results in far fewer incidences of strain and injury than other forms of exercise. So, you can cycle away, get in a good workout, and still feel just great afterwards; what could be better?

Easily Build Endurance

Another nice thing about cycling is that it enables you to build up your endurance quickly, often without you even noticing. People who cycle regularly often find that, each day, they can go a little farther and a little harder.

This increased endurance will help you to be a better athlete and to excel at other forms of exercise as well, and the easier it is to exercise, the more likely you are to actually do it and thus to experience all the health benefits that go along with good fitness.

A Healthy Heart

Cycling is wonderful cardiovascular exercise, so it makes sense that people who cycle regularly have been shown to have better overall heart health and a reduced risk of heart disease compared to those who don’t. So, when you get on that bike, you’re not just working toward a fit physique- you’re working toward a healthier, stronger heart.

Burn Calories

There are few other exercises out there that burn more calories more quickly than cycling. While the exact number of calories you’ll burn will depend on several different factors, you can easily burn enough to shed the pounds and still indulge in a “cheat meal” from time to time.

As you can see, cycling comes with all kinds of wonderful benefits, so if you’ve been making excuses, STOP! There is really no reason NOT to cycle; start today!